10 Signs He’s Marriage Material (& 10 We Need To Ditch Him ASAP)

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10 Signs He’s Marriage Material (& 10 We Need To Ditch Him ASAP)

If a guy makes a girl daydream of her big day, he’s definitely marriage material. If he makes her feel like his mom, he’s not. After all, there are many things in life that we have to accept will always remain mediocre. But love shouldn’t be one of them. And neither should marriage.

For girls who are wondering if marrying him would be the right decision, this is the right place to be. Because here are 10 signs he’s marriage material, plus 10 signs he’s definitely not.

But first, here’s a primer on good relationships and the magic sauce that makes them so awesome: it’s basic compatibility! After all, it’s easy to say the world is full of all the wrong men when a gal hasn’t made the effort to find the one she truly belongs with, who fits with her tribe.

And “tribe” doesn’t mean ethnicity or community. It means the people whose wavelength matches hers. In short, the ones with whom a woman clicks. So if she clicks with her bae, great! She’s practically halfway down the aisle already (although she likely doesn’t know it yet).

But if she doesn’t? It’s best to end things before they consume the best years of her life and fill her up with regret. So here are 10 sign’s he’s marriage material and 10 signs a girl needs to ditch him A.S.A.P. Enjoy!

20Marry Him: We Can Talk To Him About Anything And Everything!

Ooh! This is the best one. After all, if you can talk to him about anything and everything under the sun, it’s because you trust him absolutely and are comfortable showing him the real you.

And guess what? That’s another secret to a thriving relationship.

Honest interactions where neither of you judges the other for their mistakes or vulnerabilities.

So if you aren’t scared of opening yourself up to him and letting him know all the good, the bad, and the ugly, it’s a big sign that he’s marriage material. After all, being able to be yourself is the absolute best thing about being in a relationship.

19Ditch Him: He’s Afraid Of Commitment

Ladies, listen up! Because we are tired of repeating this on loop whenever our friends choose a loser who just won’t tell her if he’s in or he’s out.

The truth is, if he’s really into you, he will never in a million years leave an opening for another guy to swoop in and sweep you off your feet. He will woo you like you are meant to be wooed and ask you to go serious with him after the third date.

So if he hasn’t done any of that and has told you he is afraid of commitment (even though he doesn’t mind enjoying the benefits of being with you), take it from us and ditch him A.S.AP.

18Marry Him: We Love Spending Time With Him

He’s a warm ball of sunshine. Your sunshine. And you just love spending time with him because of the positive vibes between the two of you.

Sounds like your relationship? Congrats! You are with a marriage-worthy guy. Although, this alone won’t guarantee a ring.

Because in all honesty, there are a lot of awesome men out there in the world who choose never to marry. So it pays to have a tete-a-tete where you both hash out what each of you thinks of marriage and whether he would be open to marrying someone in the future if he finds the right person. No pressure.

17Ditch Him: He Makes Us Feel As If We Are Replacing His Mom

No. Not happening. Ever. You deserve someone better than that.

After all, if you feel like his mom right now when the two of you aren’t even legally bound together, guess what will happen when the knot has been tied and there’s nowhere for you to run? Yes. It’s intimidating, and it should be.

We have witnessed too many women stuck in lame-duck relationships where the husband is too lazy to even bring himself a glass of water when he’s thirsty. Or do the laundry. Or even take care of the kids, which he said he wanted in the first place so his ma could have grandbabies.

So no.

16Marry Him: He Respects Us And We Respect Him

A marriage can be sugar and spice and everything nice, but if you don’t respect your partner, the two of you won’t last long together.

And this goes both ways. Both of you need to respect each other and your dreams.

In fact, both of you need to respect each other’s differences too. Because how else are you going to walk the distance together and build a solid family if you don’t respect the other enough to compromise? Or even trust their decisions?

So if you can feel it in your bones that your man respects you to the moon and back, then yes. He’s definitely marriage material.

15Ditch Him: Being With Him Feels Like A Soul-Sucking Job

That’s not what love should feel like. And you know that too.

Love should make us want to get out of bed early just so we can see his face and hug him tight. Not make us want to hide under the covers just so we don’t have to deal with him for a few more minutes.

It should give us the strength to conquer our dreams and live to the best of our abilities. Not drain us and leave us with no time for ourselves.

It should build us up. Not tear us down (much like a bad boss at work). So if your bae isn’t doing it right, it’s best to ditch him and find the one who will.

14Marry Him: He Sees Our Flaws But Still Thinks We Are Perfect

Everyone has flaws and imperfections. You know it and so does he. But even after knowing it if he tells you that he loves you just the same, then yes, he is a marriage-worthy man.

Let us repeat this so there’s no scope for misunderstanding what we meant.

If he knows your flaws (and does not condone them) but still thinks you are perfect, he’s marriage material.

Why? Because this guy will love you regardless of your flaws. But because he can see them clearly, he will also help you improve and grow. And that’s what a marriage should be like.Featured Today

13Ditch Him: He’s Flakey!

There are no excuses for flaky behavior. And we aren’t referring to that one time he ditched you because there was an emergency in his family (or work).

By flakiness we mean he’s a repeat offender who never respects your time and has a habit of canceling on you at the last minute.

Trust us, that’s not a guy you want to spend the rest of your life with because people of that kind rarely change. And you don’t want to hedge your bets on “rare.”

For all you know, he might even cancel on you on the day you give birth to his child because he urgently had somewhere else to be!

12Marry Him: He Has Dealt With His Baggage

There’s a reason why it’s called a baggage. It’s because like a twenty-pound suitcase you have to lug across the length of an airport, carry into your bathroom stall, and then protect from thieves, your baggage will weigh you down and will often be the reason behind the worst decisions of your life.

So if he is the kind who has already dealt with his baggage, then boy, oh boy, he’s definitely marriage material.

After all, it’s tough to deal with your baggage. And only the ones willing to grow and overcome tremendous shortcomings are the ones who manage to do it. Both of which are excellent traits to have in a partner.

11Ditch Him: He Makes Us Insecure

There are a lot of people in this world who have a habit of bringing others down just because they cannot rise. We encounter them commonly at universities and workplaces. But they can also be found in the dating pool.

And the only way to deal with them is to cut their toxic presence out of your life before they can crush your self-esteem and take you from ten to zero.

So if his behavior makes you feel insecure about the relationship or your own worth, it’s best to ditch him as fast as you can.

10Marry Him: He’s The First Person We Share All Our Gossip With

You know someone is your best friend when they are the one you always go to when you have something juicy to share but you aren’t allowed to share it with anyone else. After all, it’s nice to be able to just let it all loose with your special someone.

And when this person happens to be your bae, congratulations. You have just found your mate for life!

Just remember: this is not enough to deem a person marriage-worthy. You need to tick more boxes on this list to determine that.

But having a best friend as your partner is a biggie. So yay for you!

9Ditch Him: He Gets Upset When We Do Well In Life

We can’t even wrap our head around this abomination! Because it’s one thing to get insecure and jealous when an acquaintance or a classmate does well in life, but totally another when it’s someone you love. Or at least, you say you love.

Because if he really loved you, he would be proud to call you his girlfriend when you go above and beyond in life. He wouldn’t feel as if you are leaving him behind or taking the spotlight away from him.

So if the guy you are with gets upset when you do well, ditch him and don’t look back. Trust us, that would be one of the best decisions of your life!

8Marry Him: It’s Been Many Years, But We Still Think He’s Delicious

First of all, the keyword here is many years. Because everyone finds their bae delicious in the first few months after getting together. In fact, the honeymoon phase can sometimes stretch up to one whole year!

So if you still think he’s the next best thing after apple pie, you definitely are with a guy who’s marriage material.

Trust us, you don’t want to marry someone who thinks married couples look best when they are stuck in the rut of domesticity! Keeping things interesting takes more than commitment, and besides, having some eye candy to look at when the going gets tough doesn’t hurt.

7Ditch Him: He Doesn’t Have A Life Beyond The Relationship

It’s all well and good until he becomes attached to your hip. So ladies, beware of the man-boy who doesn’t have a life outside of the relationship.

Why? Because this one has some major issues lurking behind those puppy-dog eyes. And if direct discussions don’t make him change his ways (read: make him give you some much-needed space and time out with your friends), then it’s best if you go your separate ways.

Trust us, you will lose all your friends and your personal life if you allow this one to remain attached to you like a burr.

6Marry Him: He Wants To Resolve Conflicts Between Us Amicably

Fights are inevitable in every relationship, be it with your sister, your parents, or your partner. But what separates the healthy relationships from the toxic ones is the way both individuals do the tango.

So if he does not shy away from conflicts but actively discusses things out with you so you can arrive at a healthy conclusion, it’s a big sign that he’s marriage material.

He knows that conflicts don’t put you on opposing sides of a shouting match. They are just consequences of having personal differences. And that does not make him love you any less.

5Ditch Him: He’s Possessive And Controlling

You are not a chair. Nor are you a pair of shoes. You are a human being with your own opinion about certain things and a personal life separate from the relationship.

So if your guy cannot respect that (or you), it’s best to ditch him fast and never turn back. If he’s got you feeling like a “thing” rather than a person, it’s a big deal.

Why? Because possessiveness is a big sign that he has trust issues deep inside. And you can’t have a real relationship someone without trusting them. Besides, life’s too short to be chained down like that!

4Marry Him: He Listens When We Speak And Pays Attention

You know he’s all-in when you know without the shadow of a doubt that he’s committed to you.

And one of the biggest signs of that is this–he listens when you speak and pays attention.

After all, most people just like to talk, talk, and talk some more. And when they listen, they don’t hear you. They just wait for the right opportunity to talk once more.

So if your guy is nothing like that, he truly loves you and values what you have to say. And it’s always best to hitch your ride with someone of that kind.

3Ditch Him: He Never Takes A Stand For Us

No one can fight our battles for us. That’s a fact. But our best friends and closest family members still try to do that to the best of their abilities. That’s why we love them so much. We know they have got our back.

So if you don’t get that feeling from your guy, you should drop your grand plans of marrying him ASAP.

In fact, it’s not enough if he takes a stand for you against strangers and acquaintances. That’s not that tough. He needs to take a stand for you if his family wrongs you too.

So if he does not have the guts to do that, he’s still a child on the inside and not marriage material in the least.

2Marry Him: He Loves Discussing Our Shared Future

You know he’s marriage material when he’s actually eager to discuss your shared future together. Of the kind of family you will have one day, how you will live your lives together, how you will chase your dreams together, and what you will teach your children.

Nothing screams “I am thinking of marrying you one day” than this. It’s the ultimate sign of commitment.

Just remember: he’s marriage material only if he involves you in your discussions too. It’s because narcissistic people do the same, but they only care about being the one who calls all the shots.

1Ditch Him: He Takes Advantage Of Our Niceness

That’s a no-brainer. Why would you want to marry someone who treats you like a doormat or takes advantage of your niceness? You wouldn’t. After all, people need to earn your niceness, especially people who you give your whole heart to.

Unfortunately, a lot of women have the tendency of fooling themselves into marrying a loser. They think he’ll change or that his good qualities balance out these selfish traits.

But all the excuses will not hide the fact that marriage will not make him start caring for you if he does not do so, to begin with.

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