March 26, 2019
March 26, 2019
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What does prolonged eye contact mean? What are the hidden messages behind it?

They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls, and indeed, they are. Our eyes tell a lot about our moods, hidden desires, feelings, and intentions. We express all of it by using different types of eye contact when having a conversation with someone, and mostly, we’re not even aware of it. Of all of them, the most powerful one (without a doubt) is prolonged eye contact.

Prolonged eye contact is one of the most common body language gestures used in movies. Just think of all those scenes where a couple is looking each other deeply in the eye, the camera is not moving, the anticipation builds up, and you feel like you can’t breathe.

Yup. There are reasons this is one of the most powerful types of eye contact out there. Basically, prolonged eye contact can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but it always carries meaning. And when it comes to men, sometimes you have no other choice but to interpret the hidden meaning, especially early on into dating or a relationship.

Beginnings are always tricky. That’s mostly due to the gender differences between men and women. Their approach to love is very different. Their pace of progression in love is moving at different rates. So, there will be times where your guy will act confusingly, and you will be desperate to decipher his complex nature.

Also, there will be times where you will know what you feel long before he is ready to admit it, even to himself. And that’s where prolonged eye contact plays its most important role. Eyes never lie, and they are usually the first thing that reveals his true feelings. It’s one of the first and most important telltale signs of man’s emotions for a woman.

While he might try to deceive you with his words, you can be sure that he will never be able to do the same with his eyes. So, it would definitely be a sin not to use this to your advantage. If you check his eyes, you will always be one step ahead of him, and you will always know how to act accordingly.

So, next time you’re with your guy and you notice that he keeps prolonged eye contact with you but you’re not quite sure why he did it, here are 10 possible reasons that will help you see the bigger picture behind his actions.


1. He is flirting

Prolonged eye contact is one of the oldest but one of the most difficult ways to flirt. For a man to use prolonged eye contact as one of his flirting tactics is really admirable. It demands a lot of confidence from his side.

However, to sustain this long eye staring, there must be a certain vibe or chemistry between the two of you.

He can’t pull it off on his own. He will need some reassurance. If you are into him too, accompanying that long stare with a light smile will be just the thing he needs from you to take the next step.

2. He is falling in love

Men might have difficulty locking eyes for very long at the beginning of a romance. It’s not because they are not interested. It’s because the long stare is making them nervous. Locking eyes confuses them and they tend to forget everything they wanted to say.

But if he, at any point, feels that he is comfortable around you, he will, without even thinking to, take a deep look into your eyes.

It will be the first sign that he is falling in love with you. By using prolonged eye contact, he is telling you that he knows where he stands with you now and he isn’t afraid.

3. His infatuation turned into love

There is a thin line between love and infatuation. That’s why a lot of times, infatuation gets mistaken for love. To say that his infatuation turned into love is a valid claim only if you are already in a relationship.

Here prolonged eye contact is a sign of mutual trust. You no longer feel self-conscious around each other and you are confident enough to look into each other’s eyes.

Of course, you can’t judge his level of seriousness in a relationship on eye contact solely. It’s just one indicator of a relationship that is going somewhere. All the other aspects of a relationship have to go one step higher, too.

In any case, locking eyes means that you are building intimacy and deepening the feeling of closeness and connection.

4. He wants you like crazy

Prolonged eye contact can also reveal s*xual desires being exchanged between two people. It’s like saying with your eyes, “I want you and I want you now!” It is a great foreplay tool. But it also depends on a given situation.

If prolonged eye contact is accompanied with a lot of flirting and a conversation that is filled with s*xual connotations, there is no doubt about the fact that he is madly attracted to you and that he would like nothing more than to get a better view of you without your clothes on.

5. He’s trying to get your attention

Sometimes, guys use prolonged eye contact with you only to get your attention. They do it when they are really into you because (obviously) they wouldn’t really bother doing it otherwise. If he approaches you and you notice him muttering or changing the pitch of his voice, he’s trying to get your attention like: “Hey, I’m here, and I really like you. Please notice me!”

Also, if he doesn’t approach you but still prolongs eye contact from a distance or when passing by you, again he’s trying to get your attention because he’s not that confident to approach you. Let’s say that he’s trying to get your attention from a distance because he’s afraid of how you may react.

6. He’s engaged in the conversation

When you’re in the middle of conversation with him—you’re debating about something and generally having having a great time together and he uses the power of prolonged eye contact—chances are that in this situation, he’s doing it subconsciously.

His mind is telling to his body that he really enjoys your company, and he should give you a small sign of his appreciation for spending time with him. He will stare at you deeply, so that you know that he’s there, and he’s focused on everything you have to say because he’s genuinely interesting in every single detail regarding your every story.

7. He’s trying hard not to stare at your cleavage

Believed it or not, guys sometimes tend to prolong eye contact with you only to distract themselves from staring at your cleavage. They do this because they are overwhelmed by what they see, but they know that it is not polite to stare and make you feel uncomfortable.

And that’s one of the signs of his respect and appreciation toward you. If he does this, you can be sure that he really cares about you and your feelings, and you can be sure that his intentions are solely pure.

8. He’s trying to show you his dominant side

Guys are known for acting all rough and tough when they are around girls, especially the girl they like. They do this because they want to show you their dominant side—it’s simply in their natures to do so.

So, one of the reasons for his prolonging the eye contact is his determination to show you his alpha male side and win you over. Other signs are the straightening of his posture to look more powerful, acting all macho around you, and I’m sure you know the rest.

9. He’s giving you hints

This one is mostly linked with shy guys. Obviously, shy guys find it hard to approach you, and that is why they tend to choose the prolonged eye method instead. By doing that, they are giving you hints that they are interested in you, but they are not sure whether you’re interested in them as well. So, they are looking for some kind of reassurance that you’re willing to talk to them or that you like them, too.

10. He’s just being polite

Sometimes guys use prolonged eye contact only because they are being polite. It’s one of his ways to show you that he respects your every word and he admires you, but there’s nothing more than that.

Sadly, most of the time, we women tend to misinterpret this one because it is really hard to decipher. So, the best thing is to pay attention to his other actions and body gestures as well. Also, don’t forget to listen to your intuition because that’s your second most powerful “tool” when it comes to guys.

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