10 Guys Who Are Toxic To Date According To Their Astro Sign (& 10 That Are Total Sweethearts)

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10 Guys Who Are Toxic To Date According To Their Astro Sign (& 10 That Are Total Sweethearts)





Let’s be real: you can’t always sum someone up romantically or otherwise just by knowing their astro sign. But, although it might sound a bit crazy, some signs have the tendency to be toxic to date while others are great people that you might decide to give a chance to.

That doesn’t mean everyone born under a specific sign will be bad or good for you, obviously, but the fact is that some signs have a greater chance of breaking your heart–or bringing you bliss.

Interestingly, some astro signs can be both toxic and totally delightful, depending on how well you get to know them. So it helps to delve into their darker sides to get the full picture about who they are before you decide if you should go out with them or not.

For example, Scorpio can be a loyal and wonderful boyfriend–but he’s also brutally honest and can be critical. So, it’s really up to you to decide if he should be in the Mr. Perfect or Mr. Poisonous category! Read on to discover the 10 signs that can be toxic to date and 10 that can be really worth getting to know.

20-Can Be Toxic: Pisces

Although he’s sensitive and that’s a wonderful quality to see in a boyfriend, the Pisces guy’s soft side can have a negative side effect of making him hold grudges and become resentful in relationships.

He takes things very personally, even when what you’re saying isn’t about him.

As Your Tango reports, you might complain about pizza you’ve eaten and he’ll tell you that he was going to make you pizza, but now he’s not going to. Um, what? It’s not like you were saying his pizza was going to be bad. It can be quite a minefield dealing with him when he’s so sensitive.

19-Can Be Toxic: Virgo

Virgo is the most jealous of all the astro signs and can give you a run for your money when it comes to maintaining such a fiery relationship. As reported by Thought Catalog, Virgo has a bad temper when he gets mad and can’t control it. “[Virgo seems] to bring up things from the past and just use anything they can to take you down,” the site writes. “They always come back around and apologize but their acid tongues make forgiving and loving them very difficult.” Ouch! Coupled with their intense need for perfection, this can be a tricky sign to date.

18-Can Be Toxic: Capricorn

The Capricorn is practical and knows what he wants. He’s not the type to entertain wild fantasies or silly behavior–he’s stuck on reality and has a black-or-white mentality.

This can make him come across as a bit arrogant at times and it’s made worse by the fact that he has high relationship expectations that can feel impossible to achieve.

It’s enough to throw you off from even trying to make a relationship work with him, especially when Capricorn becomes a bit of a “told you so” person when things go wrong or you make a mistake.

17-Can Be Toxic: Sagittarius

If you want to go crazy, have a fight with a Sagittarius. He always tries to prove he’s right and you’re wrong. As reported by Your Tango, the Sag can be insensitive, blunt, and not care about how his rude words can affect you. During a heated argument, he can behave like a lion stuck in a cage, which probably hints at how he’s so afraid of commitment and being trapped in general. When he feels claustrophobic, such as when he’s cornered during a fight, he’ll lash out. But, hey, it’s no excuse for taking it out on us, right?

16-Can Be Toxic: Scorpio

The Scorpio guy can be amazing to be around, until that one day when he says something really horrible to you that takes you by surprise. He can be brutally honest in a way that’s hurtful and makes you feel he’s bringing you down.

That’s really toxic energy to be around, especially if you’ve fallen for the guy!

As reported by Your Tango, Scorpio is a drama king, but not everyone can deal with his extreme highs and lows on a regular basis, nor his volatile outbursts. He can really be high-maintenance–something to keep in mind when you meet him on a first date.

15-Can Be Toxic: Aries

Impulsive, fun, and adventurous. That’s how you probably define the Aries in your life. But, there’s another side to him that sometimes comes out, and it’s not pretty. The Aries guy tends to have a temper and be aggressive as much as he’s impulsive, Your Tango reports. This can be totally toxic to deal with in a relationship, especially if your Aries boyfriend is so unpredictable that it results in you walking around on eggshells so as not to upset him or trigger his anger. That’s no way to live, nor is it any way to have a healthy relationship.

14-Can Be Toxic: Taurus

Although he’s down-to-earth and romantic, the Taurus guy can be a big commitment-phobe. This is toxic to deal with if you’re getting serious feelings for him and want to take the relationship to a more serious emotional level.

You don’t want to feel like he’s just stringing you along or that he has mixed feelings about you, but it can be hard to gauge his interest.

What makes the situation worse is that Taurus can be a bit passive at times, so it really starts to feel like he’s just going with the flow in the relationship without really being invested in it.

13-Can Be Toxic: Aquarius

Another sign that doesn’t like to take the lead is Aquarius. Although he’s a bold character, he prefers that you take charge. This is problematic because it means you end up making all the effort in your relationship while he floats along. As reported by Thought Co, Aquarius likes to get to know you in a relaxed, friendly group setting, and he’s a free spirit so he can easily let go just when you think you’re building a real connection with him. You might even think he’s letting you take the lead to chase him when really he’s just not interested.

12-Can Be Toxic: Cancer

They call Cancer the Crab and he can get pretty crabby sometimes!

Even though you value how much he’s in tune with his feelings and yours, he can go a little OTT with how he feels.

This can make him moody and he tends to become really intense such as if someone insults him. As Broadly reports, when he feels wounded by someone, the Crab can rehash the experience over and over again. He also struggles with criticism a lot, so you have to wear kid gloves when telling him something you don’t like about him.

11-Can Be Toxic: Gemini

The problem with intelligent Gemini who’s an amazing conversationalist is that he can give you mixed messages. Halfway into a fun conversation, the mood can change and he might say one thing but do another, which can be infuriating and make you question his loyalty to you. The reason why Gemini is like this is because he’s symbolized by The Twins. This means that he’s often caught between two thoughts or feelings. For example, as Your Tango reports, one part of your Gemini crush might be totally into you while another might not want to date you for a seemingly logical reason.

10-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Scorpio

The Scorpio man makes an excellent boyfriend because he’s so loyal. When he commits to you, he’ll walk through hail, snow, or high water to be with you. He’s that dedicated.

He’s also extremely romantic and will want to show you how much you mean to him.

Sure, he can be dramatic and if you sting him, The Scorpion will retaliate with viciousness, but he’s a deep soul thanks to being a Water sign. He feels intensely and will show you great depths of love. He’s also a wonderful caretaker, always giving all his energy to those he loves.

9-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Gemini

If you want Prince Charming, the Gemini guy is perfect for the role. As Thought Catalog reports, everything Gemini does is respectful and polite. He also makes an excellent listener, so if you’re going through a confusing time, open up to him and you’ll feel better once you’ve got your problems off your chest. Best of all, he’ll give you great advice on what to do because he can see situations from different perspectives. The site goes on to add that a Gemini boyfriend will motivate you to become the best you can be–and who doesn’t want that in a relationship?

8-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Taurus

Yes, he’s a commitment-phobe who drags his feet about having a serious relationship. But going through that is worth it because once the loyal Taurus man chooses you, he’ll choose you for life! He’s the type of guy who’ll commit whole-heartedly once he puts his mind to it.

He’ll try to avoid breaking up as much as possible, even during hard times.

He doesn’t like to quit and can be dedicated to a fault, but that means he’s fully invested in you and the relationship. Treat him well and give him lots of love, and he’ll treat you like the queen you were always meant to be.

7-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Libra

The world needs more peace, and since Libra is the peacemaker, everyone should have a Libra in their life! He avoids drama and conflict as much as possible and wants to be there for you no matter what. If he’s having a bad day but knows that you’re going through one too, he’ll prioritize your feelings over his. It’s in his nature to be selfless. As Thought Catalog reports, Libra doesn’t look at what you can do for him. Instead, he gives what he has until he has nothing left to give. That’s why he really needs someone who won’t take advantage of his goodness.

6-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Capricorn

As a Capricorn, your boyfriend’s got a positive attitude. If you need a pep talk, a few minutes on the phone with him will be all you need to be inspired to get out there and achieve your dreams.

There are many things that contribute to the inspired feeling you get around Capricorn. 

For starters, he’s mature and has lots of wisdom to impart. He’s also got big goals and the patience to make them happen. All this makes him very motivating to people around him, although it sure does feel like he’s got some unnamed magic that follows him around.

5-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Cancer

Cancer is one of the most emotional sign. His emotional sensitivity is one of the things that can make him a loving partner. He’s the guy who’ll be empathetic to your feelings, and he’s a highly intuitive person. This is important because, as Elite Daily reports, his intuition channels a maternal energy that makes the Cancer guy very gentle in his affection. It also allows him to express clear concern of other people’s desires, putting them before his own. He’s a giving partner who really goes the extra mile to make you happy–and he won’t hold it against you when you can’t reciprocate.

4-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Aquarius

Yes, he can give you mixed messages, but don’t be fooled–when the Aquarius guy chooses to date you, he’ll show you his best communication skills. And he’s got loads!

He’s great at intellectual conversations and will mentally stimulate you right from your first date.

As the Paired Life website states, “The way to his heart is through talking.” The site also explains that the Aquarius guy wants someone who can keep up with him and challenge him. He doesn’t want someone who’s afraid to share their opinion. He likes a strong and independent woman. Nice–isn’t that what every leading lady wants?

3-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Leo

The Leo boyfriend can be dramatic, and this can be because he loves the spotlight. But, it can also be because he’s such a hopeless romantic. He’s the guy who’ll rock up to your house almost completely hidden behind bouquets of your favorite flowers, or he’ll get up on stage at a karaoke bar and dedicate a romantic song to you–while his singing charms the entire room. So, while you might think he’s always living boldly because he loves to grab some attention everywhere he goes, his primary motivation is often showing you how much he loves you.

2-Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Pisces

Pisces can make a wonderful boyfriend. He’s kind, intuitive, and will go out of his way to avoid conflict, as Saga reports.

However, if he’s with the wrong partner, it can be really bad for him and his relationship in general.

He’ll show his not-so-great qualities, such as that he swallows feelings instead of sharing them. This can cause him to end up in a relationship that leaves him miserable. Since he thinks with his heart instead of his head, as the site puts it, he can become really vulnerable. If he’s in the wrong hands and gets taken advantage of, he’ll become anxious and stressed. But as long as he chooses the right partner, Pisces will reveal his best qualities.

1- Can Be The Biggest Sweetie: Sagittarius

Although Sagittarius can be a tough person with whom to fight, in general, he can be a great partner. This is because he’s extremely giving, and that’s mostly because of how honest he is. As Paired Life explains, Sagittarius is the warm-hearted sign. He’ll do things like bake for you, serenade you, and make you feel his love through his actions. They will tell you everything that’s on his mind, so if he’s in love with you there’ll be no holding back. It’s this openness that can be so endearing, especially if he feels like you two are meant to be.

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